The Naked Wife book has been a life-changing journey for me. Words cannot express how saddened I was when various women would come up to me and tell me their stories, asking if I could write something for them. As I shared the story of my friend at the beginning of The Naked Wife book, many more women have told me their stories of being The Naked Wife.

I interviewed over 200 women for The Naked Wife book, over a period of 6 years. And even as I was preparing to send the book to the formatter, many women were still asking for me to include their stories.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to include every single story, but every story is representative. Honestly, this The Naked Wife book breaks my heart! With the exception of the one First Lady love story, the other stories were not the intention of marriage when God created it.

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The Naked Wife Rebuttal 

I have chosen not to have a rebuttal because I want The Naked Wife book, to be a platform for women to tell their stories. My prayer and hope are that some NAKED WIFE, would read this book and gain some strength to be Naked no more.

While I will not give a rebuttal in this book, I will do so in my new book coming soon called The Sacrifice of Marriage. However, I want to be clear about a husband’s responsibility to his wife and children.

Husbands are to Fulfill the 3 P’s:

1. Profess their love to their wives and no one else. That means there is no room for adultery or any form of unfaithfulness.

2. Provide: When a man asks a woman’s father or her for her hand in marriage, he is telling her father and her that he is now responsible for her. He is responsible for providing all of her needs and wants that God created a husband to provide. That means a husband who has a wife, and family will not sit home and look to his wife for how they will be provided for.

3. Protect: A husband is to protect his wife in every way possible. He should be the watchman on the wall, physically, emotionally and spiritually. That means a wife should not have to worry about another woman approaching her about her husband.

You can read more in my book The Sacrifice of Marriage, coming soon.

The Naked Wife Book Is Not Men & Husband Bashing


While I did get a little pushback from a few brothers when I was advertising The Naked Wife Book, let me state clearly here that: THIS BOOK IS NOT TO BASH MEN OR HUSBANDS!!

I have a wonderful spiritual father, Bishop Marvin Bradshaw,  in my life that I look up to, respect and honor. Bishop Bradshaw continues to speak into my life and was a huge support in completing The Naked Wife Book.

You can read more extensively in The Naked Wife Book, about my father Bishop Bradshaw. There are other men of God in my life that I honor and respect. I have five brothers, many male cousins, and uncles that I love and adore.

Most importantly, I love my husband who I call Mr. Wonderful!! And, there are many great husbands out there. Oh, and have you seen my adorable little angel Michael Jr?

The Naked Wife Book Is Not Church Bashing

One person stated that The Naked Wife Book was putting down the church. I asked, “How?” He wasn’t able to answer. Many of the women in The Naked Wife Book are my sisters in the Lord.

I think it’s time for the church to begin to address many of these issues. I notice that the church talks a lot about how women need to be better wives. But ironically, I hear no one teaching about how men need to be prepared to be better husbands.

That is one reason why I love my spiritual father so much. If a couple comes to him wanting counseling for him to marry them, if the man cannot provide for his wife, Pastor Bradshaw will not perform their marriage ceremony.

The Naked Wife Book is A Platform for Women to Tell Their Stories


The Naked Wife book is a platform for some women to tell their stories. And many women will read The Naked Wife book and will be identified with the many stories included. Some of the women in The Naked Wife Book, have gone on to remarry and so far are living a happy and fulfilled life in Christ.

Additionally, many of the women in The Naked Wife Book admitted that they were prepared to choose better husbands the second time around. Also that they were able to identify countless red flags 

Also, can we please not pretend that many women don’t die yearly at the hands of their husbands and boyfriends? Who will tell their stories?

Come Let Us Reason Together

I ask that if you think this book is men or church bashing, please ask yourself: “if your daughter, mother or sister were in the position of some of these women, would you want them to shut up?”

Many of the women felt that people wanted them to shut up and not speak out. Especially the women in the Church. It is time for the church to stop sweeping our mess under the carpet and pull it away and deal with the many issues in our churches.

Picture The Naked Wife Book, as a “Women’s Conference.” I ask you to please give the ladies this space to tell their stories and have their healing.

Let me be clear

I have been in the Church my whole life! I have swept floors, cleaned bathrooms. Swept in and outside, and have served the church in many capacities my entire life. Often I have said that I have served from the toilet to the pulpit. I love the Church as a whole and my only desire is for us to become better!!

In my opinion, there is no better and greater institution, than the Church. The Church is the bride of Christ, and he will return to her very soon. If a man wants to learn how to treat his wife or how to be a good husband, I encourage him to study Christ and his relationship with the Church.

Please do not view this book as “Church or men Bashing.” There are many issues within the Church that we need to address so that we can be greater and win people to Christ.

I shared how a Sister was recently killed in one of my sister churches by her husband who was an Elder in the Church. I asked Bishop Bradshaw, how many times did he go to the Church to let the leaders know that her husband was beating her? Now, that poor sister is dead, her husband is in jail and her children are parents less.

Please Read The Naked Wife Book


There is no way anyone can read the introduction of The Naked Wife book of how came to write it, along with how I got the title and then think that this book is about bashing men, husbands or the church.

The Naked Wife Book

To every sister that reads this book, did you find yourself in it? Do you know someone who is going through a similar situation?

If you know that your sister is an abusive relationship, please encourage her to seek professional help.

Life is worth living, and it is not God our Father’s will for us to be beaten and abused by the men who vowed to love and protect us.

Thanks again for reading The Naked Wife book. Blessings until next time.

What do you think? Do you think The Naked Wife book bashes men or the church? Please leave me a comment. Thx

XOXO Janice