This morning I woke up to a post of a mom seeking advice on what to do now that her sixteen-year-old son just told her that he is gay.

She wants to put him out and plans to talk to her husband about it because she doesn’t want him rubbing off on her nine-year-old son.

While many attacked this mother for feeling the way she does, while misquoting scriptures out of context, I felt this mother’s “fear.” She stated that she anointed him and prayed over him because this sin is sure to send him to hell.

Christian Parents With Gay Children

What Are Your Views on Homosexualty?

The topic of homosexuality is one I tend to keep my views on to myself. Homosexuality is one subject that has the Church divided. Because, regardless of which side you fall on, you will be attacked.

I do believe in being respectful and allowing people, if they are for or against, to live their lives and have their views because that is their right.

Additonally, I also believe that our lives are a gift from God, and it is our right to live our lives as we see fit. Because, one day, we will all stand before Christ, either at the throne of rewards or the throne of judgments to give an account of what we have done with our lives or to receive our rewards.

Why Is Homosexuality a Concern for Christian Parents?

As for this mom and many Christian parents, this is a genuine concern that they have and that is their right and my heart goes out to them.

Some might ask, why is that a concern? I wish people could respect other people’s views and allow them to their beliefs. One thing for sure is that we are not all going to agree.

As I read the many attacks that were coming from other moms the Holy Spirit brought a beautiful scripture to my heart.

Jeremiah 31:3 The Lord has appeared of old to me, saying:“Yes, I have loved you with an everlasting love;Therefore, with loving kindness, I have drawn you.

Other translations say “from far away…” Isn’t that beautiful? God saw Israel and he loved them and with loving kindness, he drew them to him.

What Is The Answer?

My dear parents, with loving kindness Christ drew us to Him. And for parents who are believers who believe what YOU CHOOSE to believe, there is one word I want you to remember and that is the word LOVE.

Christ loved us and He drew us. Think of Mary the harlot when people lined up to stone her? Christ loved her.

One of my favorite stories in Mark 5 is about the woman with issue of blood. When everyone scorned her, she touched the hem of the garment of Christ and He turned to her and said “woman be whole.” You see, he loved her.

The Prodigal Son

The Prodigal Son

And what of the father of the prodigal son? Do you know why the father was able to run to his son? Because that father stood at that door daily and was looking for him to come home.

And so, when the father saw him coming from afar, he was able to run to him and kissed him and welcome him home.

And what did the prodigal son father do? He put a ring on his finger and a coat on him. In other words, the father restored his lost son to his rightful place of being his SON!!

So, Christian parents, I urge you to remember these few stories and the one word that sticks out: LOVE.

Take your concerns to God our father in prayer and trust that your babies will come back home to how you chose to raise them up.

Do you remember what the mothers of old would say? “Raise them up in the way they should go and when they are old, they will not depart. BUT, if they depart, they will return.”

That last part is not a part of the scripture, but it gave those mothers comfort and I pray that this will comfort you.

Who Is Your Son?

Love your babies, look at them through the eyes of Christ and show them what it means to be born again. LOVE IS THE ONLY WAY!!! And no, love does not mean acceptance.

Read the gospels, everyone that came to Jesus did not remain the same. Everyone that came to Jesus became a disciple of Christ.

father and son

Always remember that JESUS LOVED ALL OF US, INSPITE OF US! And if your babies are not going in the way you raised them to go, then you still LOVE THEM!! Love those babies and draw them with love and kindness.

So, to this mom, I say please do not throw your baby out!! He is only sixteen, where is he going?

How will he see Christ through and in you if you throw him out? How can you love on him if you throw him out and disown him?

What Are You Going To Do About It?

Finally, Mom, I have a question for you. By your own confession you believe that “homosexuality is a one-way ticket straight to hell.”

I respect your belief as that is your right! However, if this is what you believe and you truly believe it wholeheartedly, are you going to let your baby go to hell?

Christian Parents With Gay Children

Are you going to sit back and allow the devil to have your baby???

And I use the term babies, because when Christ look at us, he sees us through His blood and sees us as His babies. Look at your babies’ pictures!!

Christian Parents With Gay Children

See him as that beautiful and precious little boy, because that’s how God sees us.

Don’t look at your baby boy as being gay but look at him as that beautiful little boy you brought home from the hospital and LOVE HIM!!

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