Many are surprised when I share that I still ask my husband for money to get an eight dollar hair wash. Dusties and pickmeshas especially go into overdrive, calling me a gold digger and trifling mean and that I am not being an helpmate to my husband.

F.Y.I. An Helpmate has nothing to do with a wife helping her husbands to pay bills. {Blog Post Coming Soon}

What Is The Anointing?

Unfortunately,  what those foolish people don’t understand is that I am activating my husband’s anointing to provide for me.

The Anointing oil & sunflower

What happens when pressures is applied to olives? They produce oil which is a represation of the anointing. Furthermore, did you know that oil is also a representation of  Holy Spirit?

And what does Isaiah 10:27 says about the anointing? That the yoke or burden shall be destroyed because of the anointing.

You see ladies, I still work and earn my own money.  However, my husband doesn’t need my money to provide for us because he does that by himself.

Nevertheless, I still ask my husband for money to do my hair, nails, and even to go shopping or anything else I might need.

Salon Chair

Sometimes, he’ll take money out of his wallet or tell me to use the house account. Do I need his money for a hair wash? No, I don’t. However, by asking or putting a demand on his anointing,  I am activating his anointing or abillity to provide for me.

Additionally, I am also letting him know that I NEED HIM!!

The Prophet Samuel & The Flowless Oil

Have you ever read the story of the Prophet Samuel; after God rejected Saul and told Samuel to go to the house of Jesse because he has provided himself a king there?

Well, Jesse had eight sons in total, David was the youngest. When Samuel  came to visit with Jesse, he had seven of his sons present.

Samuel, thought that God had chosen one of the seven. However, when the boys knelt in front of Samuel while he held the horn of oil, the anointing oil didn’t come.

Anointing Oil Being Poured Out

What’s Holding Up Your Anointing?

Once all seven sons of Jesse knelt before Samuel and the oil didn’t come out, Samuel asked Jesse if he had any other sons. Jesse then stated that the youngest one is out back watching the sheep.

Samuel called for David, and as David knelt before the Prophet Samuel, the oil came out and Samuel anointed David, at seventeen, to be the king over Israel.

However, it was years before King Saul died and David became the anointed king over Israel.

How To Get The Anoiting To Flow

What does this story have to do with me asking my husband for eight dollars for my hair? God anointed him to provide for me.

And the more I put a demand on the anointing, guess what happens? The more the anointing or his ability to provide for me and our babies will flows through. So wives, the more you ask your husband, the more he sees God’s plans for his life and yours.


By letting your husband know that you need him, the more he will begin to walk in his anointing of being your husband.

So what you have your own money? Snuggle up on him and whisper in his ear that you need him and that you need him to give you some money to go wash your hair.

So what you can open up the bottle of olives by yourself, use your baby voice, poke your lips out, bat your eyes and say “oh honey, I need you to open this bottle for me. Pretty please.” (Insert emoji eyes here 😉

Part 2 coming soon.

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How to Activate your Husband’s Anointing

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