One of the questions I get asked a lot is “how long is too long to wait for my boyfriend to marry me?” This is a huge mistake many women make. We need to wise up and date accordingly.

How to Date Accordingly

What Are You Waiting For?

Too many women get with men they love, worship, and adore, and then they sit and wait for the men to marry them. Women are waiting years, some even twenty years for the men to marry them.

Ladies, it’s time for us to stop this madness and learn to date accordingly. What does that mean? First, let’s understand what DATING is!

What Is Dating?

Dating is the art of skillfully extracting data so that you can make an informed decision. In other words, get the information about a man so you can know if you need to continue getting to know him or move on.

How to Date Accordingly

As women, we need to be strategic just as much as men are calculated.

How to date accordingly?

  1. KNOW what you want and date according to what you want.
  2. Only date and continue to date men who wantwhat you want.
  3. Stop getting with men who don’t want to marry you.
  4. Stop getting with men, getting pregnant, and then asking for marriage.
  5. Only continue to date, gather data, on men who want to get married.
  6. Stop shacking up and raise your standards.
  7. Stop trying to prove yourself to men by sexing, cooking, and cleaning.

What Do You Want?

Ladies, you date ONLY according to what you want. Remember what dating is? Dating is the art of skillfully gathering data in order to make an informed decision.

What many of us do is to get with a man, shack up, make babies, buy homes, cars, join our money and then ask “so when are you going to marry me?” Wrong as two left feet.

Ladies, make a lost of what you want in a husbamd and date accordingly!

How to Date Accordingly

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How to Date Accordingly

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