Yes, once again, I will be talking about Married at First Sight. And this post is all about Iris and Keith, and how as women, we need to make sure that he likes us as much as we like ourselves.

If you have watched the show, it’s obvious that Iris likes herself a lot and that’s great. However, Keith is a twenty-seven-year-old sexually mature husband that doesn’t seem to like her as much as she likes herself.

Make Sure he Likes you as Much as you Like Yourself

Variations of Sex?

You see, Iris is a twenty-seven-year-old woman of faith who has saved herself for marriage “allegeable.”

However, we later learned that Iris believes that there are “variations of sex” and she has done “other sexual acts” but not “penetration.”  (I will talk about this hypocrisy in the Church in a later post.)

I don’t know about you, but as a woman of faith myself and one that was celibate for years before I got married, I was not doing “other sexual acts” while I was believing God for my husband. Why? Because God also talks about sexual purity.

And so, while Iris stated that “a penis has not penetrated my vagina,” I find it quite hypocritical that she was participating in “variations of sex” and doing other “sexual acts.” But that’s for another post on another day.

Let me remind you that I had my first child when I was sixteen years old so please keep the “don’t judge” comments between you and our savior!

Iris’s Behavior

Iris flew off the hinges when she and Keith returned from their honeymoon and stayed at his apartment. She found a box of an empty box of condoms.

Iris proceeded to cross-examine his sexual history and how much sex he’s been having and so on. Keith went over to his book bag and took out the rest of the condoms, which only had three left because after all, Keith is a healthy and sexual twenty-seven-year-old man. Guess what Iris asked?

Make Sure he Likes you as Much as you Like Yourself

There were many other instances where I was paying attention to Keith’s response to how Iris behaved, including the lemonade scene.

She went ballistic when Keith and his friends were in the kitchen area went in the refrigerator to take some name brand lemonade.

You see, Iris had bought the no-name lemonade for the party while she kept the good stuff for her all the way back in the refrigeration. I knew for sure then that Keith was done with her because he said, and I quote “everything in this house is replaceable.”  I took that as meaning Iris was also replaceable!! Please see my review on YouTube.

If you have watched the show, Iris wanted to stay married but Keith wanted a divorce. He solely placed his decision on Iris’s immaturity level and yes, I agree she acted like a nine-year-old girl when it came to the topics of sex and sexual intimacy. Iris was shocked, but I wasn’t, and I was praying that he did not stay with her.

As I stated from the beginning in my YouTube videos; they were not a match. Additionally, I also stated that Iris should not have had sex with Keith, because if she did, and he wanted a divorce, we would all drag him and call him the scum of the earth. Therefore, I am happy that they did not have sex.

Back to “make sure he likes you as much as you like yourself.’” Iris thought that because she’s likable that Keith would have stayed with her, but we learned that Keith thought she was childish and immature, and he wanted a mature woman for a wife. Additionally, Keith did not think her behavior was cute and likable. And when he wanted a divorce, Iris, along with many viewers were flabbergasted. I believe that not only did Keith think she was childish and immature, but I don’t think Keith likes her as much as she likes herself.

You see, Iris had all these rules, and I think we all do, that Keith did not like. Rules such as not sitting on the bed with your outside clothes, not washing your hands in the sink you wash your face in, and let’s not forget how she emasculated, embarrassed him and deshields him over some lemonade in front of his boys.

Iris was also loud, hyper, would cut Keith off while he was talking, and her mouth went a million miles per second. Keith, on the other hand, was laid back, mild-mannered, and speaks with a comforting and monotone voice. Additionally, even though Keith said he found Iris attractive, I don’t think he was attracted to her. Why? Keith stated on several occasions that he found sexual maturity extremely attractive. However, in trying not to hurt her feelings, I believe Keith was too nice. And contrary to popular belief, I don’t think Keith was lying, I think that he did not want to hurt her feelings.

Finally, I wish more women would understand that just because you’re cute in the face and tight in the waist doesn’t mean that all men will find you beautiful and attractive. Every man is looking for something different. I would go out on limb and say that Iris is not the type of girl that Keith finds attractive. And ladies, MEN MUST FIND US ATTRACTIVE!! And please understand that its not all about the physical.

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