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Moments of Gratitude is the companion to Moments of Gratitude Thank You Journal. Moments of Gratitude is for every brother or sister in Christ going through a rough time. Or any believer who wants to maintain an attitude of praise and thanksgiving to God our father.

In Moments of Gratitude, I chronicle many of my ‘Moments of Gratitude’ of thanksgiving. Additionally, I share many prayers and wilderness and valley experiences. Also, I share about waiting for and praying for the Lord to bless me with my husband and being tested in dating for marriage. I hope my sharing my testimonies will help you in your valleys or pits of despair.

I have lived long enough to know that life happens. And often, we get discouraged and depressed because things are not going the way we had hoped. For example, one of the most challenging experiences for me is having a child with special needs. However, God’s been faithful.

Furthermore, as you read Moments of Gratitude, I encourage you to take a moment and look for those “little” blessings that God is doing in your life and say, “Thank You, Lord.” Go ahead and write those “little” blessings down in your Moments of Gratitude Thank You Journal.

Finally, some days you may think there isn’t anything to be thankful for, but I guarantee you that there is. Look at the sunshine, the flowers, and the birds singing in the trees. Look in the eyes of your children, which I believe are the gateway of looking into the eyes of the Lord. If you look for those little blessings, you will find them and say, “thank you, father.”


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