The Naked Wife: A Damsel In Distress (Part Book 1)

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Husbands Are to Profess Provide & To Protect.
Do you know that the title “husband” is a calling? Yes, husbands are called, anointed, destined, and appointed by God to profess their love, provide for and protect their wives. A husband is to love his wife like Christ loves the Church. How did Christ love the church? Christ loves the Church so much that he died for her.
So, what happens when a husband does not fulfill his God-ordained destiny of a husband to his wife? It causes his wife to be naked. The Naked Wife is a revolutionary book where Christian Author and blogger, Janice Hylton-Thompson, interviewed over 200 wives and ex-wives, to provide a platform where they told their stories.
These over 200 wives included women from various socio-economical, financial, and religious backgrounds. Compiled over a period of 6 years, The Naked Wife is a glimpse into the terrible circumstances that many married women find themselves in, and the unsettling future that awaits our daughters if we fail to set things right.
The Naked Wife is an eye-opener, a stay-up-all-night read and inspiring Christian book. It gives you insight into marital situations and experiences that many wives across the globe go through. And the ruthless and inconceivable circumstances that many women have found themselves to be subjected to…..what if it doesn’t have to be, what if there is a way out?



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