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The Born-Again Believer, Mental Health, and Suicide

Suicide is an awful enemy that plagues our society. Last summer, 2018, it really hit me that we the “Church” needs to address this epidemic.

Three people that I didn’t know personally, but was aware of via tv, Facebook and fashion, took their lives.

This summer, 2019, two prominent people committed suicide in one day. One of them was a pastor, and ironically, as was one of the three in the summer of 2018.

I cannot begin to try to understand what goes through a person’s mind as they contemplate suicide. At forty-two years old; I have never contemplated taking my own life. I don’t understand it and I have never dealt with that warfare.

A War In Your Mind

While I have never experience thoughts of killing myself, I have friends who recently contacted me on Facebook because of a post I posted about suicide. They told me that suicidal thoughts are like a battle going on in your head.

I was also told that many who have lost this battle to suicide,  were also struggling with depression, anxiety, and other mental health disorders for years.

While suicide is extremely sad, I find it especially sad for those who are born again believers.

Voice of Holy Spirit Vs. Suicide

For the pastor who died in the summer 2018, the only thing I thought about was how difficult it must have been for him to have been battling between the voice of the Holy Spirit and the voice of suicide

This pastor was married with three beautiful, little children and I could not imagine him choosing to leave them and his wife.

Now let me be clear, I believe that depression, anxiety, thoughts of suicide, etc. are medical conditions.

I know for many in the Church, they do not think that the above mentioned are medical but demonic.

Unfortunatelyl, we have lost many in Christiandom to suicde because some believe that depression is demonic and not a health issue.

A Question

Allow me to pose a question to my brothers and sisters in the Lord.

If someone has been diagnosed with cancer, do we tell them to just pray it out or do we tell them to seek medical help too?

I will guess you will say for them to seek medical help and pray, correct?

And yes, God does manifest his healing power in many people’s lives. However, I will go out on a limb and guess that we would tell those who have been diagnosed to seek medical help.

One of the main issues many in the church has, is thinking that God’s healing can only come supernaturally and not through medical professionals.

I have another question in reference to this thinking though? Who made the doctors? Who gave them the wisdom?

Here’s a secret

Sssshhh, I have a secret for you. Do you know that God was the first doctor? Yes he was! Think about what happend in the Garden of Eden.

God can manifest his healing power through what ever source he deems fit. Do you remember the story of Namaan? Where did his healing manifest?

Is Diabetes Demonic?

What about diabetes? If someon has been diagonosed with diabetes, would you only tell them to pray and not seek medical help?

My sister in the Lord, Pastor Jacquline,  was diagonosed with juvinille diabetes. It runs in her family and I believe at 16 she was diagnosted.

She has moved to heaven now when she was in her mid thirties, but would you say diabetes is demonic only and not medical?

Is there a demonic aspect when it comes to sicknesses and diseases? Yes, I do believe that because we saw Jesus healed many of sicknesses and disases while he was here and cast demons of sickness out.

However, I do NOT believe that sickness and infirmities are only demonic and we need to use wisdom when ministering to people or giving advice.

Mental Illness and the Church

So, if we would tell someone who has been diagnosed with cancer, diabetess, etc. to seek medical help, why then when it comes to mental illness do we say its demonic only and we need to pray and get deliverance?

Why not suggest for people to pray AND seek medical help?

Why is it that when it comes to mental health, we believe that it is only demonic and not medical?

Why do we tell people with mental illneses to just pray and trust God, but we will not tell them to see a medical doctor, psychiatrist, or a psychologist?

Why is it that we can recommend for a believer to seek care for cancer, aids, high blood pressure, diabetes, etc. but not for mental health?

In part two, I will write briefly of a lie the church has believed for years and continues to believe even in this age of knowledge.

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